So the third Monday in January is widely seen as the gloomiest day of the year, which happens to be today, January 16, 2017. The third Monday is often the time when the highs from the holidays start to wear off, the daily grind from work is back in full swing, and the bad winter weather doesn’t help lift your spirits.

To make matters worse, Dr Cliff Arnall, the expert behind the term “Blue Monday,” says this year may be more depressing than usual due to concerns about Brexit and Trump looming in the near future.

When it comes to one’s career, Blue Monday is often when you start to really question if you’re on the right track. Having had time to reflect on your career over the holidays, spend time with loved ones, and remind yourself of how happy you CAN feel, you may now be left feeling like something bigger and better awaits you–that your career shouldn’t be limited to the confines of your current day job.

Blue Monday is when you start to question if you’re on the right track in your career.

Here are 5 videos to help you gain some clarity on this day when you may find yourself mulling over your future.

1. Gain clarity on your career change journey

Pinpoint where you are in the 7  Stages of Career Change. You can read more about my own journey through these 7 stages.

2. Get inspired by other’s stories

Hear how other people reinvented themselves on the Career Relaunch Podcast and listen to the latest episodes.

3. Take action to improve your situation

Here are 5 ways to make your job more tolerable. Read more in this post.

4. Decide whether it’s time to move on

If you’ve been wondering if now is the time to change jobs, check out this video on whether it makes sense for you to resign from your job. Read more in this post.

5. Learn what it takes to relaunch your career

Hear more about the signs, barriers, and enablers of career change in this talk on the “Journey to Relaunch Your Career.”

I hope these resources can help you make sense of what you’re feeling on this Blue Monday. I’d welcome your comments on how you’re dealing with Blue Monday in the comments below.

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