07Nov' 22

“So, what do you do?” How often have you been asked that question. From networking events to industry conferences to first dates, you’ve probably either asked someone this question or have been asked the same question at the very start of a conversation. This question is broad and open-ended, typically meant to kick off a […]

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27Oct' 22

A career is something you depend on and invest heavily in day in and day out, so understandably this goes through some serious considerations. Do you go for what is financially rewarding or one you find fulfilling? What if you can build a career that meets both? Achieving a state of flow is key, using […]

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02Aug' 22

Running your own business can be full of challenges that keep you up at night. Here are a few of the emotions I’ve had to wrestle with and overcome in order to get a good night’s sleep and stay on track with my goals as a solopreneur.

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19May' 20

HireVue CEO Kevin Parker reveals the most common video inteviewing pitfalls candidates should avoid during virtual interviews. I had the opportunity to interview him to get his expert views on this topic now that the majority of companies have adopted virtual interviewing.

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24Jun' 19

Having a solid LinkedIn profile is one way to increase your visibility and open up more professional opportunities for yourself. People often invest most their efforts into capturing their career accomplishments in the “Experience” section. Unfortunately, the profile picture and background header photo are often an afterthought. However, not carefully considering the imagery you feature on […]

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06Aug' 18

As much as I don’t prefer my emotions, motivations or outlook to be driven by others, the people around me do have an impact on how I’m feeling about my circumstances and what I believe is possible for my future. Whenever I’ve gone through a major career change or life transition, I’ve found certain types […]

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About Joseph Liu

Joseph Liu helps aspiring professionals relaunch their careers to do work that matters. As a keynote speaker, career & personal branding consultant, and host of the Career Relaunch podcast, his passion is helping people gain the clarity, confidence, and courage to pursue truly meaningful careers. Having gone through three major career changes himself, he now shares insights from building & relaunching global consumer brands to empower professionals and business owners to build & relaunch their personal brands.