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Joseph Liu Speaking- MarketingWeek Live copyIf you’re looking for a speaker or commentator for your event or story, I love sharing insights about career change and personal branding with aspirational professionals seeking to do more meaningful work. While I’m always open to discussing opportunities, I typically only partner with those who have audiences that meet the following criteria:


  • MID TO SENIOR LEVEL PROFESSIONALS navigating career change or developing or marketing their personal brands to drive greater effectiveness within their organisations or companies.
  • BUSINESS OWNERS who want to learn more about how personal branding and help drive greater results.


  • TV/Radio/Print: global or national media only
  • Online: 50K+ subscribers, listeners, or followers
  • Online webinar: 150+ attendees
  • Live event: 100+ attendees

My 3 Topics of Expertise

  1. Career change– professional transitions, shift from corporate world to self-employment
  2. Personal branding– professional narrative, marketing yourself, digital presence
  3. Professional development– presentation skills, networking, managing your goals

Brand profile

  • Professional, credible, grounded, and current

I’m particularly interested in partnering with people or brands addressing the needs of aspirational professionals who want to create more meaningful impact in their careers. If we do collaborate, I’m happy to include mentions across my various social networks, newsletter, and press page.

Example media appearance

Managing job uncertainty during Covid-19- Joseph Liu interview on CGTN Global Business America, May 20, 2020

If everything I’ve mentioned is in line with you, your idea, or your brand, send me the following information, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible if the fit seems strong. Unfortunately, due to the volume of requests, if you don’t hear back from me within two weeks, I will likely not proceed. Thanks so much.

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