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Having gone through 3 major career changes myself, I believe career pivots are sometimes necessary to do work you find more meaningful. If you’re willing to take some brave steps, you’ve come to the right place to start taking your career in a new direction.

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    I'm not a huge fan of motivational speakers, but Joseph isn't like the rest. He brought a depth of research and authenticity to public speaking I had not experienced before. He's also excellent on Zoom - I genuinely felt like I was sitting around the table with colleagues as he guided us on our personal branding.

    Sophie ZConsultant, Hong Kong

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Joseph. He provided material and perspectives truly specific to my situation which I found extremely helpful. Through our coaching conversations, I've gained clarity on what energises me and now have a clear plan to keep exploring more meaningful work. I’m so glad I made this investment in myself and my career.

    Mark BGlobal Finance Director, France

    Joseph Liu presented virtually on developing our personal pitch and networking strategies. He adapted his presentation effectively to the online format. Everything went off without a hitch (which isn't so common in online seminars these days), and he was an engaging speaker and host. It was one of the highest quality online workshops I have attended. I found the content very useful, and I will take his advice and guidance to heart as I continue on my career journey.

    Georgia PFundraising Coordinator, Toronto

    I attended Joseph's Personal Branding and Personal Pitch webinars that were very entertaining, insightful and full of useful content to guide you through the next steps of your career. Despite the virtual format, Joseph managed to keep us totally engaged and curious throughout with his energy and solid knowledge of the topics. Really good tips also about networking and common interview questions too. Totally recommend!

    Flavia SSenior Client Administrator, Jersey UK

    Joseph’s an ideal workshop facilitator - intuitive but practically and commercially grounded. Joseph's coaching significantly boosted the confidence and negotiation skills of our team members.

    Kate ACEO & Founder, London

    I benefitted tremendously from the way Joseph pulls on all of his expertise: professional transformation, entrepreneurship and branding. He helped me to gain tremendous confidence that my authentic voice and what I have to offer is valuable to my customers.

    Anne TCEO, Washington, DC

    Joseph is a dynamic speaker who gives visually engaging and current presentations. He was consistently rated by our internationally diverse business audience as one of the most useful speakers who offered concrete takeaways on personal branding.

    Sarmini G.Former Imperial Business School Program Lead, London

    Joseph helped me find the exact language to describe my skills and focus, so I'm now able to introduce myself to my clients more precisely, putting us on an immediate, solid footing.

    Kessler B.Anxiety Therapist, Easton, MD

    I've worked with conference speakers and presenters for over 20 years, and Joseph is a standout. I cannot recommend him more highly. I've also found his career change blog and website to be very valuable.

    Bob A.Education Executive, Philadelphia

    I attended one of Joseph’s workshops on how to give powerful presentations. He not only offered helpful tips on slide design, preparation and delivery of presentations, but also managed to make me feel less nervous about giving presentations myself.

    Anke B.Product Owner, Munich

    During a crucial period of change in my career, Joseph helped me clarify my values. He also effortlessly switched into a trainer role when I urgently needed tips for interviewing. I aced the interview, of course.

    Marcus HSenior Operations Officer, Brussels

    Joseph is an incredibly gifted speaker. His high-energy style and ability to connect with his audience makes for a truly inspiring workshop.

    Nicholas P.Tech Marketer, San Francisco

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