I do my very best to give 100% to each of my clients. These testimonials can give you a better sense of the value clients have gained and key results they’ve achieved by working with me to help you understand the impact of my work.

Business owner & personal branding

Business Owner & Personal Branding testimonials

    Joseph offers a nice mix of coaching and mentoring skills as well as fantastic career change and transformation skills. He provides a wealth of useful information and articles that have supported me and given me that personal care and attention that I appreciate. I’ve been working with Joseph for 3 months now and will be continuing to work with him for at least another 3 months. He’s been an amazing coach and mentor for me. He’s had a huge impact on my personal development as a coach, my career change, and setting up my business. He has a wealth of knowledge, is very resourceful. He’s very attentive, supportive, and friendly. I’ve had a very enjoyable journey working with Joseph, and I look forward to more sessions.

    -Professional Coach,London- Nov’14

    Without Joseph, I might have given up before I even got started. Instead, my business is growing and expanding. I benefit tremendously from the way Joseph pulls on all of his expertise: professional transformation, entrepreneurship and branding. One of the most valuable outcomes of Joseph’s coaching is that our work together has transformed my perspective from one based in the limited culture of corporate employment to one that supports acting on the full range of possibilities for success. The other very valuable outcome is that Joe has helped me to gain tremendous confidence that my authentic voice and what I have to offer is valuable to my customers. Whenever irrational fear and limiting beliefs start to take over, Joseph’s coaching techniques pull me back on track to staying true to my vision and brand. That confidence has made all the difference.

    -Anne, Consultant, Washington,DC- Jan’15

    Joseph has bridged the gap between my harboring thoughts of a business idea for over 5 years and finally implementing it with a passion. I had always regarded myself as accomplished and motivated, having achieved my career goals as a lawyer, and I didn’t know that I would benefit from coaching. Yet, Joseph’s comprehensive knowledge of business, branding and overall career advice has been the package of priceless expertise that I needed to develop an on-line business I’ve also wanted to create for many years. His clear, ongoing advice and exceptional generosity with his time has provided me with the concrete steps and necessary resources to turn a lingering business goal into a fulfilling reality.

    -Lawyer, Washington,DC- Jun’15

    I was on the fringe of starting a new business in the United States when I suddenly realized it wasn’t enough to simply rent an office space and wait for the phone to ring. How would I find my clients, I wondered? And who would I concisely position myself to be in their lives? I found Joseph online, and Joseph helped me “find myself” amid a sea of other professionals in my field. It was anxiety producing to follow his lead to make myself and my business offering specific rather than general, to tighten my net rather than widen it. But in the second Skype session, thanks to his coaching and homework exercises that led me to deeply examine myself and my customers, we found my niche. Just like that! At the end of our work, I knew who I was, and I had completed the copy and organization of my brand new website. I would wholeheartedly recommend him if you find yourself in need of focus and a strong rudder in your business life. Thank you, Joseph!

    -Therapist,Maryland- Aug’16

Career Change Management

Career Change testimonials

    Before meeting Joseph, I was in the midst of an existential life crisis. I felt as though I had been blindly following a pre-set career path and jumping through hoops without considering what I really wanted to do with my life. I found myself at an impasse – unable to get organized, unsure of how to go back to square one, and uncertain of my life’s purpose. Over the next several months, with Joseph’s coaching, I began the complex process of analyzing myself and the different facets of what I would find fulfilling from my life’s work. He served as an impartial sounding board and provided the encouragement I needed during that transitional time to put together my own action plan and investigate my options in a way that made sense to me. Ultimately, when I made my decision, it was with supreme confidence and direction that I began working towards my career goals. Joseph is a terrific listener, practical networker, and an encouraging but objective advocate. With his guidance, I explored the full range of possibilities and ultimately embraced my life’s authentic trajectory. He receives my highest recommendation.

    -Radiologist inBoston- Jan’13

    I met Joseph last year during one of the most difficult stages in my life. I had just moved to the UK after a difficult break-up and was struggling to set up a professional network within the London marketing world. Over the course of 4 months, he not only suggested different avenues to explore in my job search, but gave me the reassurance I needed to keep on trying in the face of repeated disappointments. When I decided to apply and interview for a job in a completely different industry, he encouraged me to go for it and see how I felt doing the job. Today, I am actually excited to be going to work each day and am considering going back to culinary school for a degree. I will be forever indebted to Joseph for helping me get closer to finding my true calling.

    -Culinary School Manager inLondon- Apr’13

    As a newcomer to the UK with no idea about what I ultimately wanted to achieve in my career, I spoke to Joseph for the first time when I was experiencing a weak moment, just trying to figure out where to begin. I absolutely adored the effortlessness and patience with which he listened to my complaining and frustrations about being a non-EU applicant trying to find the right job for me. He was understanding and encouraging, but at the same time realistic about my job search situation. He gave me an insight to the UK marketing industry, shared his personal experience and also offered to help connect me with his industry contacts. I’ve since moved into a suitable job profile at a medium-sized pharmaceutical company in the UK. I have to say, Joseph’s advice played a very important role in helping me make my decision.

    -Pharmaceutical Marketing Professional in Birmingham,UK- Oct’13

    Joseph is the second career coach I have worked with, and my experience with him far exceeds previous coaching experiences. He has a hands on approach that’s practical rather than based on theories or personality tests. He made good use of my responses to questionnaires and assigned exercises to guide conversations and focus on my most important needs. He was excellent at keeping our discussions focused and on track, helping me clarify my career objectives and potential improvements in other areas of my life to help me feel more fulfilled. Most of all, he helped me take action on aspects of my life I’ve been wanting to change for a long time.

    – Federal Government Employee in Washington,DC- Oct’13

    I was so grateful to work with Joseph during a time when both my personal and professional lives were in major transition. At the time I faced seemingly overwhelming life decisions, and I felt ambiguous about all of the potential roads I could take. Discussing my goals, thoughts, and personal circumstance with Joseph provided me with a great deal of clarity, perspective, and self assurance. I found the confidence to make a major career move shortly afterwards that has opened me to an entirely new and exciting trajectory professionally and has moved me personally into a more positive place.

    -Physician in Boston,USA- Mar’14

    I came across an article Joseph Liu wrote online and felt inclined to e-mail him. Joseph promptly e-mailed back and was willing to speak with me and help me out during this time of transition of my life. After completing my Master’s degree, I was at a crossroads. I was unsure of what I wanted to do or where I wanted to be. Through my conversations with Joseph, he helped me realize my true goals. He gave me the tools and confidence to create clear path to make these goals become a reality. He was extremely supportive and encouraging in this time of change in my life. I am extremely grateful for the invaluable advice he gave me to help ensure my successful career and future. Thank you, Joseph. I look forward to many other instrumental sessions.

    -Luxury Goods Marketer inToronto- Nov’12

    Joseph is an incredibly patient and thoughtful coach who will listen intently before offering advice. He is eloquent and shares his thoughts and insights well. Joseph helped me through an emotional and testing period of my life – his coaching, in part, resulted in me making a big career decision which worked out for the best. I would have no hesitation recommending Joseph as a coach.

    -Food Product Manager inLondon- Dec’12

    In February 2010, I was feeling lost professionally having suffered a huge salary cut after relocating to the UK. New to the UK professional arena and unsure how to go about securing a new job in a difficult market, Joseph Liu proved instrumental in guiding me in the right path. He not only effectively coached me to synthesize my capabilities and interests into something succinct and easier to pitch to potential employers, but also single-handedly helped me revise my CV/Résumé to attract employers in an unfamiliar job market compared to what I knew in the US. Joseph took it one step further by utilizing his contacts with whom I networked to secure a new job. It is indeed reassuring to be in the hands of professionals with vast experience and the appropriate training in their respective field. As a career consultant, Joseph’s truly in his element– naturally caring and resourceful with a unique ability to listen and assess a situation, alleviate pressure, and help you put things into rationale perspective.

    -Global Consultant inLondon- Feb’13

    Joseph has been instrumental in me securing my new job and returning to the workplace after an extended maternity leave. He enabled me to overcome my loss of confidence, coached me to perform at interviews, and provided invaluable guidance on CV writing. I secured a new job very quickly helped by his coaching, and believe 100% that it would not have been as fast and ‘smooth’ without his coaching and ongoing support. He has not only coached me on my original coaching objectives (ie. CV guidance/interview performance) but also on more personal aspects regarding life changes which has come very supportive too.

    -Financial Services Marketing Professional inLondon- Nov’13

    About a year ago, I began considering whether I should leave my career in higher education research for something more in line with my personal passion for health and wellness. Leaving a job is often scary, but leaving a career was a whole new experience for me and one that required a lot of careful consideration. During that time, I learned about Joseph’s coaching services. He helped me identify and think through the steps necessary to make the decision that was right for me. This was no easy process, but his patience and insight were invaluable in getting me to where I am today– now embarking on a career shift that I know will bring personal fulfillment, the challenges I need to feel productive and useful, and a level of financial support complimentary to my lifestyle.

    -Educational Researcher in Missouri,USA- May’14

    I came to Joseph when I was at a crossroads in my career. He made me feel very comfortable straight away. The building of objectives meant that I had clarity of structure during our sessions and Joseph was always there to support between sessions if I needed to reach out for support. He provided lots of useful resources to explore which I still use now.

    -Retail Marketing Manager in London, UK- Jun’14

    I met with Joseph when I was at a cross roads in my career. I had recently resigned from a stressful job and was unsure if I wanted to stay in that industry or explore other avenues. Joseph has a lovely, personable yet professional approach that really helped guide me in the direction I needed to go. He had a natural talent for making me feel at ease and open up to him about my thoughts and concerns. He was able to draw out and process all of the thoughts that were in my head (and heart!) that helped me to realise the direction I was contemplating was the right one. His own experiences with career changes and also the suggested reading materials he would send me were really helpful. I am very grateful to Joseph and have recommended him to several friends and colleagues. I wish him every success – if only there was more people in the world like him!

    -Digital Marketing Manager in London, UK- Aug’14

Career Mentorship

Career Mentorship testimonials

    Joseph's coaching sessions immediately inspired me to take actionable steps in my life and career to truly honor my personal core values. He's a very effective coach, and his sessions are very intentional. Thank you, Joseph, for helping me gain the clarity and confidence to take the next step in my life and career.

    Human Resources AdvisorSan Francisco🇺🇸

    Joseph’s highly professional, yet personable approach to career coaching will not only help you achieve short term results, but help you achieve bigger picture goals. From the outset, Joseph helped me identify what I needed and where I needed to be heading, and he gave me practical tips that I could apply directly in my role. As a result of working with Joseph, I have become more assertive in my role, the people who report directly to me are thriving and I am being entrusted to make business critical decisions. I would highly recommend working with Joseph.

    -Business Development Manager inLondon- Nov’12

Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills testimonials

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