I Love Speaking with audiences about personal branding and career transitions. I’d welcome an opportunity to speak at your event, conference, webinar, or workshop.

As a TEDx speaker, brand marketer, career consultant, and podcast host with 20+ years of experience speaking in front of corporate audiences, I balance inspiration with practicality, powerful visuals with key takeaways, and reflection with concrete action during my presentations. I aim to inspire, engage, and inform, helping people to reach their greatest potential in their careers.

To date, I’ve delivered over 400 talks to over 70,000 of professionals in 60+ countries around the world. View a sampling of my talks on my YouTube Channel or watch my TEDx talk on Reshaping the Story of Your Career with 150,00+ views

I’m most passionate about hosting CAREER SEMINARS

  • Personal branding
  • Managing career transitions
  • Presentation & public speaking skills
  • Professional networking


  • Brand marketing careers
  • Interviewing skills
  • Managing freelancers & agencies
  • Self-employment
  • Podcasting

Samplesof my talks

Motivational Speech

Business School Keynote

Conference Workshop

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Conference Keynote

    Joseph was the headline keynote speaker at our annual career conference. Nearly everyone rated Joseph's talk as a 10 out of 10, some of the highest ratings we've ever seen for a speaker.

    Stefania A.Conference director, Bucharest🇷🇴

    I attended Joseph's personal branding workshop, and I can absolutely say Joseph is one of the best speakers I've ever seen. He was able to hold the attention of everyone in the room for the entire 90 mins he spoke.

    Faizan Z.Periodontist, Manchester, UK🇬🇧

    I've worked with conference speakers and presenters for over 20 years, and Joseph is a standout. I cannot recommend him more highly. I've also found his career change blog and website to be very valuable.

    Bob A.Education Executive, Philadelphia🇺🇸

Virtual Webinars

    I'm not a huge fan of motivational speakers, but Joseph isn't like the rest. He brought a depth of research and authenticity to public speaking I had not experienced before. He's also excellent on Zoom - I genuinely felt like I was sitting around the table with colleagues as he guided us on our personal branding.

    Sophie ZConsultant, Hong Kong🇭🇰

    Joseph Liu presented virtually on developing our personal pitch and networking strategies. He adapted his presentation effectively to the online format. Everything went off without a hitch (which isn't so common in online seminars these days), and he was an engaging speaker and host. It was one of the highest quality online workshops I have attended. I found the content very useful, and I will take his advice and guidance to heart as I continue on my career journey.

    Georgia PFundraising Coordinator, Toronto🇨🇦

    I attended Joseph's Personal Branding and Personal Pitch webinars that were very entertaining, insightful and full of useful content to guide you through the next steps of your career. Despite the virtual format, Joseph managed to keep us totally engaged and curious throughout with his energy and solid knowledge of the topics. Really good tips also about networking and common interview questions too. Totally recommend!

    Flavia SSenior Client Administrator, Jersey UK🇬🇧

    The amount of value Joseph can create in a 90 min webinar is unbelievable. I attended his webinars on personal branding and pitching which were super-insightful and engaging. He is a dynamic and straight-to-the-point speaker who conveys his messages effectively while creating an exceptionally pleasant and entertaining environment in the virtual webinar format.

    Eszter SOrganization Development Consultant, Budapest🇭🇺

    I applied for a high-role executive job so decided to join Joseph's webinar to increase my chances during several online interviews. His abilities to communicate in a fast yet clear and concise manner were truly unique. His webinars were specific, content-rich, and easy to digest. In the end I got the job, and I owe a part of this success to him.

    Diogo NDirector of Biz Dev & Ops, São Paulo🇧🇷

    I attended Joseph's webinar on personal branding, which was excellent. Joseph used real-life examples rather than academic, theoretical ones we often see in other webinars. The presentation's structure was very simple and clear, making the message smooth and easy to get. I will apply his recommendations straight away and start working on my personal brand to strengthen it so I can stand out and be more memorable.

    Pascal BProcurement Manager, Saudi Arabia🇸🇦

    I attended Joseph’s webinar on managing your personal brand and achieving your goals during a crisis. He's a great speaker. He was very engaging with the audience, super helpful and resourceful. He provided insightful and practical tips on career management strategies. I would recommend his webinars to anyone feeling confused about their career during and after times of uncertainty and change.

    Mary SDigital Comms Specialist, Washington DC🇺🇸

    I really enjoyed attending Joseph's virtual interviewing skills webinar full of useful, practical tips. This was the third time I've attended one of his personal branding talks, but the first time online. The experience was amazing. He used a series of props to explain the best setup for a virtual interview, and after applying his helpful suggestions, I already feel much more confident with virtual interviewing.

    Xiaoyu ZMarketing Executive, London, UK🇬🇧

    Joseph’s personal branding webinar was one of the best for professional advancement and personal development. Joseph has this spontaneous energy to connect to his audience in an exceptionally natural way. He did an excellent job of demonstrating clear and actionable tactics on how to present your unique brand, and I immediately executed some of his recommendations to give a boost to my professional profile.

    Shivani TStrategic Advisor, Paris🇫🇷

Business School

    I participated in Joseph's Marketing Bootcamp, and the case interview segment stood out to me as particularly insightful, providing a wealth of valuable information. Joseph's presentation style was really engaging, making him the most captivating presenter I have ever encountered. Although it is a long one-day workshop, his teaching style rendered the content thoroughly absorbing, and I found the time passing swiftly.

    Xirui CKey Account Intern, Beijing🇨🇳

    I had the pleasure of having Joseph Liu's networking workshop, and I must say, it was a standout experience. It was so great to meet him after his Tedx Talk had influenced my decision to do my MBA. He was such an effective speaker and remarkable host, creating an atmosphere that's quite conducive to learning. Compared to other workshops I've attended, his was particularly engaging, seamlessly blending insightful content with interactive exercises. I wholeheartedly recommend Joseph's sessions.

    Rassa K.Marketing and CSR Advisor, Innovita Italia, Milan🇮🇹

    Joseph delivers excellent online workshops, creating a unique, interactive atmosphere that drives true engagement. In his well-crafted content, he pulls on his diverse, relatable experiences. Joseph packages his content into digestible takeaways coupled with practical, meaningful actions that empower you to achieve your career goals. His cover letter guidance was particularly helpful to me in drafting a strong letter, building my value proposition in preparation for the interview stage, and catching the attention of recruiters.

    Emma K.Head of Innovation, Paris🇫🇷

    I attended Joseph's marketing bootcamp and case interview workshop during my Master's degree. I've not experienced any better presenter since. He has an amazing ability to send a message across in such a fun and engaging way. I still live by what he's said about branding yourself in the most effective way possible to land your dream job.

    Ralph ZAccount Manager, Meta, Dublin, Ireland🇮🇪

    Joseph broke down the areas of networking I find most challenging in an extremely thoughtful and engaging way. First, his flexible formula for giving an elevator pitch is crucial for all business professionals to know and practice. Second, I have struggled to find a good way to reach out to contacts on LinkedIn, but his seminar outlined when to make the first contact and how to stay in touch once you’ve connected. Thanks to Joseph, I have gained new confidence in my networking skills. I would recommend his seminars to business professionals of all ages, but particularly anyone changing careers or reentering the workforce.

    Sally M.Strategy Consultant, Richmond, Virginia🇺🇸

    I've attended many sessions on personal branding before, but Joseph Liu's sessions stand out as the best. His workshops are extremely well structured, and his excellent communication skills make every session efficient and impactful. He engages the audience and leaves no question unanswered. His Personal Brand Pitch session somehow packs everything you need to know about making an impressive introduction into one brief workshop that ultimately helped me land my job at Nike.

    Mariella MDigital Marketing Specialist, Nike, Amsterdam, Netherlands🇳🇱

    I highly recommend Joseph Liu's workshops, which I've attended through my Executive MBA course at HEC. Joseph is a master speaker who is truly engaging and inclusive. Every moment of his workshops is packed with useful content with practical tools and unique insight. I took his workshop on professional networking to help grow my institution's network, and it's been a huge help.

    Audrey CDirector at PixelRush, Paris🇫🇷

    I had the pleasure to attend two webinars hosted by Joseph on personal branding and marketing careers. Both were incredibly helpful, as they provided very valuable insights effectively and in a very comprehensible manner. I have been implementing Joseph's recommendations throughout my job application process, helping me gain more confidence throughout this process.

    Sofía PMSc candidate, London, UK🇬🇧

    Joseph can connect with an audience more effectively than most other speakers I've seen. His delivery was straight to the point, and I was engaged the entire time. Compared to other workshops I've attended, both in person or virtual, Joseph's one was definitely one of the most interesting and valuable.

    Baptiste BMSc student, Barcelona🇪🇸

    I found Joseph to be a very engaging and effective speaker. The quality of the content he shared was useful, timely and very relevant. He's a great thought leader and truly inspiring.

    Dana EMarketing Specialist, Doha, Qatar🇶🇦

    Joseph's virtual interviewing & online meetings best practices webinar was sophisticated yet approachable. His techniques and tips were demonstrated seamlessly through sharp visuals and a friendly, professional engagement with our participants. Thrilled that UC Davis MBAs got to learn from Joseph's expertise.

    Maggie GProgram Manager, Davis, CA🇺🇸

    Joseph is a dynamic, engaging speaker, and his presentation truly resonated with our class with many members looking for expert advice on career & professional development. His ability to engage with the audience was outstanding, and throughout the lively, energizing session, Joseph gave clear tips - and most importantly, actionable suggestions - on how to implement valuable strategies.

    Sonia BHead of Data Office, Stockholm🇸🇪

    Joseph has always delivered inspiring and motivational talks to my students who have found Joseph's talks very useful and impactful. I can totally understand how he's earned his reputation as one of best career consultants in the industry.

    Lakmini S.Head of Programme Delivery, London, UK🇬🇧

    I gained some great insights on personal branding best practices that I can immediately implement to enhance my professional profile

    Adrienne FBiz Development Manager, London

    Joseph is a dynamic speaker who gives visually engaging and current presentations. He was consistently rated by our internationally diverse business audience as one of the most useful speakers who offered concrete takeaways on personal branding.

    Sarmini G.Former Imperial Business School Program Lead, London🇬🇧

    I attended one of Joseph’s workshops on how to give powerful presentations. He not only offered helpful tips on slide design, preparation and delivery of presentations, but also managed to make me feel less nervous about giving presentations myself.

    Anke B.Product Owner, Munich🇩🇪

Corporate Talks

    Joseph recently hosted a 1 day workshop on Personal Branding for our senior leaders who enjoyed the engaging content, interactive presentation, excellent pacing and great takeaways to raise their personal brand both internally and externally. Joseph is humble, knowledgeable, dynamic and inspiring as a presenter. Both in person and online, I’ve rarely experienced a presenter of this quality in terms of both content and delivery. Joseph adds value to any organization that is seeking to stimulate reflection on values, personal branding, job crafting, raising your personal profile and beyond. I wholeheartedly recommend Joseph as a workshop leader and presenter who is able to connect meaningfully with diverse audiences.

    Tresa M.Learning & Development Program Manager, Riyadh🇸🇦

    Joseph hosted a personal branding webinar for our employees located in more than 20 countries, which is no easy feat. The format of the session, including breakout groups, interactive polls, and discussion, combined with Joseph's authentic and personable presenting style, kept the session active and engaging--much more so than other virtual trainings I've attended. Joseph perfectly balances the theory with real, actionable tasks.

    Erica MDirector, International Corporate Relations- McDonald's, London, UK🇬🇧

    Joseph is an outstanding and engaging keynote speaker. We met at a workshop organized by EO Karachi Chapter, where he give training on personal branding and networking. I was inspired not only by his impressive and friendly delivery style but also by what he had to say about current trends. I now have a better understanding of how I come across and how to do it confidently and efficiently. I would advise anyone in the business world trying to advance their career to attend his sessions.

    Mirza B.Learning & Development Manager, BOSCH Pharmaceuticals , Karachi🇵🇰

    Joseph's an extremely well-prepared, engaging speaker able to structure messages in a simple and appealing way with clear objectives and audience takeaways. He uses his personal experience to reinforce messages making the session easy to follow and remember. You step out with clear key messages and calls to action that have a true impact on your career and professional development.

    Beatriz G.Director, PayPal Iberia, Madrid, Spain🇪🇸

    Joseph helped us all reflect on our own career stages and embrace our unique career paths and the challenges on our way. Thanks so much for your inspiration and motivation.

    Pamela M.Partner, IBM Consulting, Frankfurt, Germany 🇩🇪

    I had the opportunity to learn from Joseph when he joined a career day at Microsoft as a speaker. His honest, transparent and energizing approach while he shares his own experiences and learnings are super enthusiastic and encouraging. I appreciated Joseph's respect towards the audience, which is quite important to feel engaged during the sessions. Some questions he encouraged us to ask ourselves were eye-opener for me. After his speech, I now have more courage and understanding on what next steps I should take for my own career path. I strongly recommend you work with Joseph.

    Gözde A.Commercial Executive- Microsoft, London, UK🇬🇧

    Joseph hosted a ‘"Embracing Your Unique Career Journey" webinar for our Emerging Talent classes at VMware. I found him a very effective speaker, and I loved how he engaged with the audience. As someone who has worked in multiple industries, I really loved the advice on navigating non-traditional career paths and how to be confident and successful. We received excellent feedback from employees on Joseph.

    Aidan O.Program Manager- VMware, Ireland🇮🇪

Career Events

    Joseph is a gifted and inspiring speaker with the ability to deliver valuable insights in an authentic and entertaining manner. I was lucky enough to attend a presentation by Joseph on the subject of personal branding in which he delivered unique insights and recommendations based on a wealth of personal experience. What I found most impressive was Joseph’s willingness to discuss participants individual needs following the presentation, and for me, to follow-up by email with a huge range of resources and personal guidance.

    Andrew H.Business Development Manager- TotalEnergies, Scotland, UK🇬🇧

    Joseph is an incredibly gifted speaker. His high-energy style and ability to connect with his audience makes for a truly inspiring workshop.

    Nicholas P.Tech Marketer, San Francisco🇺🇸



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