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As a former TEDx speaker, brand marketer, and broadcast journalist with 10+ years of professional corporate experience presenting in front of audiences, I balance inspiration with practicality, powerful visuals with key takeaways, and reflection with concrete action. I aim to inspire, engage, and inform, helping people to reach their greatest potential in their careers.

To date, I’ve delivered over 300 talks reaching thousands of professionals in 60+ countries around the world. View a sampling of my talks on my YouTube Channel or watch my TEDx talk on Reshaping the Story of Your Career with 150,00+ views

I’m most passionate about hosting CAREER SEMINARS

  • Building & marketing your personal brand
  • Managing career transitions
  • Presentation & public speaking skills
  • Professional networking


  • Brand marketing careers
  • Interviewing skills
  • Managing freelancers & agencies
  • Running your own business

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Conference Keynote

    Joseph was the headline keynote speaker at our annual career conference. Nearly everyone rated Joseph's talk as a 10 out of 10, some of the highest ratings we've ever seen for a speaker.

    Stefania A.Conference director, Bucharest

    I can absolutely say Joseph is one of the best speakers I've ever seen. He was able to hold the attention of everyone in the room for the entire 90 mins he spoke.

    Faizan Z.Periodontist, Manchester, UK

    I've worked with conference speakers and presenters for over 20 years, and Joseph is a standout. I cannot recommend him more highly. I've also found his career change blog and website to be very valuable.

    Bob A.Education Executive, Philadelphia

Virtual Webinars

    I'm not a huge fan of motivational speakers, but Joseph isn't like the rest. He brought a depth of research and authenticity to public speaking I had not experienced before. He's also excellent on Zoom - I genuinely felt like I was sitting around the table with colleagues as he guided us on our personal branding.

    Sophie ZConsultant, Hong Kong

    Joseph Liu presented virtually on developing our personal pitch and networking strategies. He adapted his presentation effectively to the online format. Everything went off without a hitch (which isn't so common in online seminars these days), and he was an engaging speaker and host. It was one of the highest quality online workshops I have attended. I found the content very useful, and I will take his advice and guidance to heart as I continue on my career journey.

    Georgia PFundraising Coordinator, Toronto

    I attended Joseph's Personal Branding and Personal Pitch webinars that were very entertaining, insightful and full of useful content to guide you through the next steps of your career. Despite the virtual format, Joseph managed to keep us totally engaged and curious throughout with his energy and solid knowledge of the topics. Really good tips also about networking and common interview questions too. Totally recommend!

    Flavia SSenior Client Administrator, Jersey UK

    The amount of value Joseph can create in a 90 min webinar is unbelievable. I attended his webinars on personal branding and pitching which were super-insightful and engaging. He is a dynamic and straight-to-the-point speaker who conveys his messages effectively while creating an exceptionally pleasant and entertaining environment in the virtual webinar format.

    Eszter SOrganization Development Consultant, Budapest

    I applied for a high-role executive job so decided to join Joseph's webinar to increase my chances during several online interviews. His abilities to communicate in a fast yet clear and concise manner were truly unique. His webinars were specific, content-rich, and easy to digest. In the end I got the job, and I owe a part of this success to him.

    Diogo NDirector of Biz Dev & Ops, São Paulo

    I attended Joseph's webinar on personal branding, which was excellent. Joseph used real-life examples rather than academic, theoretical ones we often see in other webinars. The presentation's structure was very simple and clear, making the message smooth and easy to get. I will apply his recommendations straight away and start working on my personal brand to strengthen it so I can stand out and be more memorable.

    Pascal BProcurement Manager, Saudi Arabia

Business School

    I highly recommend Joseph Liu's workshops, which I've attended through my Executive MBA course at HEC. Joseph is a master speaker who is truly engaging and inclusive. Every moment of his workshops is packed with useful content with practical tools and unique insight. I took his workshop on professional networking to help grow my institution's network, and it's been a huge help.

    Audrey CDirector at PixelRush, Paris

    I had the pleasure to attend two webinars hosted by Joseph on personal branding and marketing careers. Both were incredibly helpful, as they provided very valuable insights effectively and in a very comprehensible manner. I have been implementing Joseph's recommendations throughout my Master's and job applications, helping me gain more confidence throughout this process.

    Sofía PMSc candidate, London, UK

    Joseph can connect with an audience more effectively than most other speakers I've seen. His delivery was straight to the point, and I was engaged the entire time.Compared to other workshops I've attended, both in person or virtual, Joseph's one was definitely one of the most interesting and valuable.

    Baptiste BMSc student, Barcelona

    I found Joseph to be a very engaging and effective speaker. The quality of the content he shared was useful, timely and very relevant. A very great thought leader and truly inspiring.

    Dana EMarketing Specialist, Doha

    Joseph's virtual interviewing & online meetings best practices webinar was sophisticated yet approachable. His techniques and tips were demonstrated seamlessly through sharp visuals and a friendly, professional engagement with our participants. Thrilled that UC Davis MBAs got to learn from Joseph's expertise.

    Maggie GProgram Manager, Davis, CA

    Joseph has always delivered inspiring and motivational talks to my students who have found Joseph's talks very useful and impactful. I can totally understand how he's earned his reputation as one of best career consultants in the industry.

    Lakmini S.Head of Programme Delivery, London, UK

    Joseph is a dynamic speaker who gives visually engaging and current presentations. He was consistently rated by our internationally diverse business audience as one of the most useful speakers who offered concrete takeaways on personal branding.

    Sarmini G.Former Imperial Business School Program Lead, London

Personal Branding

    I really enjoyed attending Joseph's virtual interviewing skills webinar full of useful, practical tips. This was the third time I've attended one of his personal branding talks, but the first time online. The experience was amazing. He used a series of props to explain the best setup for a virtual interview, and after applying his helpful suggestions, I already feel much more confident with virtual interviewing.

    Xiaoyu ZMarketing Executive, London

    Joseph’s personal branding webinar was one of the best for professional advancement and personal development. Joseph has this spontaneous energy to connect to his audience in an exceptionally natural way. He did an excellent job of demonstrating clear and actionable tactics on how to present your unique brand, and I immediately executed some of his recommendations to give a boost to my professional profile.

    Shivani TStrategic Advisor, Paris

    Joseph is a dynamic, engaging speaker, and his presentation truly resonated with our class with many members looking for expert advice on career & professional development. His ability to engage with the audience was outstanding, and throughout the lively, energizing session, Joseph gave clear tips - and most importantly, actionable suggestions - on how to implement valuable strategies.

    Sonia BHead of Data Office, Stockholm

    I gained some great insights on personal branding best practices that I can immediately implement to enhance my professional profile

    Adrienne FBiz Development Manager, London

    I attended one of Joseph’s workshops on how to give powerful presentations. He not only offered helpful tips on slide design, preparation and delivery of presentations, but also managed to make me feel less nervous about giving presentations myself.

    Anke B.Product Owner, Munich

Career Change

    I attended Joseph’s webinar on managing your personal brand and career during a crisis. He's a great speaker! He was very engaging with the audience, super helpful and resourceful. He provided insightful and practical tips on career management strategies. I would recommend his webinars to anyone feeling confused about their career during and after times of uncertainty and change.

    Mary SDigital Comms Specialist, Washington DC

    Joseph is an incredibly gifted speaker. His high-energy style and ability to connect with his audience makes for a truly inspiring workshop.

    Nicholas P.Tech Marketer, San Francisco

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