I’m looking forward to giving my first set of talks to launch my work at Ilumity Coaching.  My first talk will be about debunking myths about the “right” ways client-side marketers should manage agencies.  I’ll be talking through the brief, the pitch, and the work when engaging a new agency, sharing insights from my own marketing experiences and feedback I’ve solicited from a variety of agencies in the past.

My second talk is about embracing change.  I’ll talk through the signals it’s time for a change, the barriers to change, how to overcome those barriers, and how diversifying your experiences expands your repertoire in life. This will be my first talk to launch Ilumity Coaching, which is very exciting!  This talk will be start from when I took some leaps of my own in life, which have informed not only this talk, but my entire approach to life and the work I do at Ilumity Coaching.  I also draw on some common themes I hear from clients about what stops them from making changes in life and the enablers that help them overcome those barriers.

I hope you’ll join me.

  1. Improving Your Client-Agency Relationships to Boost Promotional Effectiveness (Wed, 26 June 12:45p-1:15pm)
  2. The Art of Embracing Change Throughout Your Marketing Career (Thurs, 27 June, 3:00pm-3:30pm)

About Joseph Liu

Joseph Liu helps aspiring professionals relaunch their careers to do work that matters. As a keynote speaker, career & personal branding consultant, and host of the Career Relaunch podcast, his passion is helping people gain the clarity, confidence, and courage to pursue truly meaningful careers. Having gone through three major career changes himself, he now shares insights from building & relaunching global consumer brands to empower professionals and business owners to build & relaunch their personal brands.

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