09Mar' 18

I recently attended a conference in London hosted by a very reputable organization featuring speakers from reputable companies. I went there to learn about recruitment industry trends, but instead found myself focused much more on the poor presentation skills of the speakers. As someone who gives keynote talks and hosts workshops for a living, I […]

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07Mar' 18

Amidst the ever-increasing sea of online blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, and business publications offering career advice, I’ve actually found some of the most useful career guidance to come from people who aren’t directly linked to my professional sector of career consulting and public speaking. Over the past five years of running my own business, I’ve […]

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01Mar' 18

In 2013, I left my 10-year corporate marketing career behind to launch my own career consultancy. Prior to starting my own small business, I could definitely envision the upside of self-employment: freedom to do work I really enjoyed, control over my time, autonomy to make my own decisions, and flexibility to work where and how […]

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21Feb' 18

Changing careers requires a totally different mindset than maintaining a more traditional, linear career path. In my own life, I’ve found that making a successful career change involves not only overcoming the practical hurdles of starting over, but also the mental hurdles of walking away from the stability of maintaining the status quo. In this […]

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08Feb' 18

As someone who left the corporate world to start my own business a few years ago, I’ve had my fair share of dealing with imposter syndrome, not only hearing many stories of my clients’ struggles with this as they change careers, but also (and especially), managing my own struggles with feeling like a fraud at […]

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Joseph Liu helps aspiring professionals relaunch their careers to do work that matters. As a keynote speaker, career & personal branding consultant, and host of the Career Relaunch podcast, his passion is helping people gain the clarity, confidence, and courage to pursue truly meaningful careers. Having gone through three major career changes himself, he now shares insights from building & relaunching global consumer brands to empower professionals and business owners to build & relaunch their personal brands.

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