Is moving because of your work worth it? There are many pros and cons that come with any career path. You may be offered a new job away from where you are currently located. Deciding whether or not to accept the opportunity isn’t easy. In order to make the right choice for yourself, go through the decision making process below. It’s time to compare your current job with your possible new job.

Are You Able to Move?

When you get a new job offer in a different location, you may not be actually able to physically move to that new place. Money, housing, and social life can all prevent you from being able to take that job offer.


We all know that moving is not cheap. That’s why you have to assess your money situation before you even think about potentially leaving your current home. Do you have enough money to buy or rent a new property, bring your family (if needed), and cover travel costs. If you don’t have the money to move, will the corporation who offered you the job pay for everything? If you can’t find a way to cover the costs, then accepting the job isn’t probably the best idea.


Guessing that you have the money to move, let’s look at your housing situation. Search for the best housing option that fits all your needs. Whether an apartment, duplex, condo, or house, look at the housing market. If the location of the job doesn’t offer what you are looking for, then reflect on that aspect while making your final decision.

Social Life

Will moving hurt your social life? Leaving friends and family behind truly hurts. If you end up taking the job, try your best to keep your social life intact. Possibly, your new job may not be as far away like other individuals job offers are. If so, you can regularly visit your loved ones when it works for you.

We covered the part of the decision that includes being able to actually move to that new location. It is now time to decide if you want to leave your current job.

Do You Enjoy Your Current Job?

Maybe you applied for a new job because you don’t enjoy your current job. If this is the case, then it seems like you should accept the job offer if you can. Maybe you got the offer from a company who’s impressed by your work, or for a new position away from your current workplace (same company). If that is the case, then maybe you don’t want a new job because you already love the one you have presently. Both of these circumstances could not apply to your situation, and that means you have to weigh out the decision for that specific circumstance.

If You’re Wanting a New Job

Wow, congratulations! If you want this new job then don’t let your doubts stop you. As long as you can successfully make the transition to the workplace location, then go for it! Getting a job offer isn’t a common occurrence, so don’t let this chance run away from you. Good luck!

If You’re Satisfied With Your Job

You could be satisfied with your  job, but got an offer for a new job or position anyway. If this is the case for you, then don’t leave your job if you don’t want to. Take a moment to think over how your life may improve or worsen at that new job. You may change your mind, but don’t give up something you love.

If You Aren’t Sure

If you aren’t sure about what you exactly want, then it’s time to analyze. Change is scary, but who knows, it may be right for you.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Does the company fit with my values?
  • Will I get paid more?
  • Are there more opportunities included in that job?

Is it a suitable position for me?

Questions like these will help you decide the beneficial value the job holds. All the yes answers you have to those questions increase the likelihood that the new job is right for you. Now you must make your final decision.

The Final Decision

When making the final decision, don’t rush. Give yourself a fair amount of time to thoroughly pounder all your feelings and concerns. Decisions revolving around work are some of the most challenging out there, because without the right job, you won’t ever feel satisfied. If you do accept the opportunity, make sure you most definitely want it. If you’re comfortable with your current job, then don’t leave in hopes of something better. It’s all up to you, take your time, and you’ll make the right choice.

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