A couple weeks ago, I gave a TEDx talk (video post pending) about how to reshape the story of your career. One of the topics I touched on in my talk was about the tendency for people to resist change.  I talked about how this dynamic exists not only in our careers, but also when it comes to brand innovation.  How people tend to dismiss new ideas as being unnecessary, how the current solution is “good enough.”

When I saw this “Play in the Now” ad from NIKE RZN Golf Balls yesterday, I thought they brilliantly captured this idea.  I’m not a golf player, and I’m also American, so I didn’t quite understand all the lingo, but the ad is very clever.  You can see how every golf ball innovation was initially dismissed away by naysayers.  And at the same time, by going backwards in time, you can see just how much progress has been made in spite of the critics.

Definitely worth a watch, and perhaps can serve as a nice reminder that new ideas, although often initially met with criticism, can ultimately result in a better outcome.

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