Many of my clients make transitions into new roles, and I often get asked the question of how they can get off to a good start in their new organisation or company.   I recently wrote an article on this topic, specifically geared toward marketers, but with principles that can be applied more broadly across various industries.  The first 90 days in your new job sets a precedent where you have the opportunity to establish strong relationships, impressions, and successes and create a strong foundation for future success.  Here are 5 principles to creating a good start for yourself:

  1. Focus on developing relationships- being new is the perfect opportunity to begin building strong relationships, which are key to getting things done in any organisation.
  2. Understand your manager’s work style– one of your most important relationships will be with your direct manager, so commit time upfront to learn his or her work preferences, pet peeves, and priorities.
  3. Score some early wins– aspire to make at least 3 significant contributions to your team early on to establish credibility and create momentum for future success.
  4. Develop internal PR– your success will depend not only on finishing tasks, but also creating impact, ensuring your manager and others are aware of your key accomplishments.
  5. Find a mentor– when you’re just learning the ropes, this represents a perfect time to reach out and solicit some organisational wisdom for a seasoned employee within the organisation or a credible individual who can offer useful advice to you on how to be effective in your new role.

For a more details and explanation on each of these principles, read my full article featured as “The Last Word” in The Drum Magazine’s August 2013 edition, also reposted online in October.  And if you have any other tips for others, I’d welcome your comments.

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