12Jul' 17

Earlier this week, I was doing my regular morning swim. I don’t always swim in the “fast” lane because I’m definitely not the best swimmer out there, but I did today because it was the emptiest lane and because I felt like pushing myself a bit. Another guy was also in the fast lane, someone […]

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11Jul' 17

While you spend time scoping out job opportunities on Indeed, Glassdoor, and even more local job sites, keep in mind that potential employers can be doing the same to you. As easily as you can search a business, they can type your name into Google and find out about you as well. With that in […]

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21Jun' 17

4 reasons having a strong personal brand can benefit you in your career.

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04Jun' 17

Whenever you make a major career change, it forces you to reassess who you are and what you stand for in your career and life. Once you figure out what really matters to you, the possibility of doing work you find truly meaningful can become a reality. But making a major change isn’t easy. It […]

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15May' 17

Today, I’m really excited to announce that Career Relaunch has secured its first official sponsors for the show. When I launched this podcast last September 2016, my vision was to curate a collection of audio stories that could provide companionship and inspiration to people navigating the confusing and sometimes solitary journey of relaunching their careers. Nearly a year […]

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About Joseph Liu

Joseph Liu helps aspiring professionals relaunch their careers to do work that matters. As a keynote speaker, career & personal branding consultant, and host of the Career Relaunch podcast, his passion is helping people gain the clarity, confidence, and courage to pursue truly meaningful careers. Having gone through three major career changes himself, he now shares insights from building & relaunching global consumer brands to empower professionals and business owners to build & relaunch their personal brands.