13Feb' 19

Guest writer Dafina Zymeri reflects on her father’s career switch and shares her thoughts on why it’s not too late for an encore carer after 50.

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28Jan' 19

Feeling especially blue on this “Blue Monday?” The third Monday of January has been coined the gloomiest day of the year, which may be especially true for you if you don’t exactly love your job, colleagues of line of work. I connected with a few workplace experts who share six ways you can effectively deal with the dissatisfaction you may be feeling at work so you can look forward to your Mondays again.

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08Jan' 19

As a child of a nurse and a doctor I have seen it all. Both of my parents have changed many jobs in their career until they have found the right path in helping people, and that is why I have started writing about such career changes. What is more, I myself have taken up […]

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03Jan' 19

Learn how to take control of your career and professional narrative from guest contributor Ben Mallinson who’s navigated a few of his own career pivots.

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21Dec' 18

Starting your own business involves an incredibly steep learning curve with inevitable mistakes and big lessons learned along the way. Here are four things I wished I’d known earlier about what it takes to successfully run your own business.

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03Dec' 18

Being visible is critical to building a strong personal brand for yourself. Here are 4 simple ways to raise your professional visibility, build your credibility, and open up more career opportunities for yourself.

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