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Why Sponsor a Podcast?

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Podcast listeners are a growing, highly engaged audience

In the 2021 Infinite Dial Study by Edison Research, they stated “podcasting has grown significantly” with 116 million monthly active podcast listeners (+11% vs. 2020) in the US, the world’s largest podcast market. 28% are now weekly podcast listeners, a 17% increase over 2020.

The podcast listening audience is now “more diverse than ever.” And people also now spend more time (42%) listening to podcasts than any other audio on smartphones. Additionally, Spotify & Magna found consumers are more receptive to podcast advertising than TV advertising.


Additionally, in their Podcast Consumer 2019 study, Edison found podcasts listeners are higher value. Specifically, they’re:

  • More affluent: 41% of podcast listeners’ annual household incomes exceed $75K (vs. 29% of total US pop)
  • Highly educated: 28% of podcast listeners have advanced degrees (vs. 20% of total US pop) 
  • Receptive to brands: 54% more likely to consider brands advertised on podcasts
  • Highly engaged: IAB research shows 71% of podcast listeners report a high level of concentration (1.5X vs. social media)

Career Relaunch Listeners

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Career Relaunch listeners tend to be mid to senior-level professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs who yearn to reach the next level in their careers and do meaningful work that matters. They also invest time & money when necessary to access the resources, skills, education, tools, or guidance to enable the next chapter of their career.

Career Relaunch global listenership in 162 countriesThe podcast has featured international guests from 10+ countries and 5 continents with a global audience in 160+ countries and 260,000+ total downloads as of Feb 2021.

  • The largest listenership is in the US🇺🇸, UK🇬🇧, Canada🇨🇦, Australia🇦🇺, and Japan🇯🇵 (in that order).
  • The majority of our listeners (73%) listen via Apple devices (mostly mobile) followed by Android (17%).

Why Sponsor Career Relaunch?

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Career Relaunch host Joseph Liu has established himself as a trusted thought leader in the space of career change & personal branding, regularly invited to speak at reputable institutions and featured in well-known publications like Fast Company, Forbes, SUCCESS, Monster, Career Builder, and HuffPost. The products and services he recommends have instant credibility with his audience.

In Oct 2017, after being on air for just a year, Career Relaunch was featured as a top business podcast for entrepreneurs in Forbes, and later, the “best podcast for transitioning to a new career” iGlassdoorand a top podcast to “help you find a job” in Business Insider.

Leveraging insights from successfully coaching hundreds of career-changers, he’s created a high quality, global podcast that’s ranked as a Top 20 Career podcast in the US🇺🇸, UK🇬🇧, Canada🇨🇦, Australia🇦🇺, and Singapore🇸🇬, firmly positioning Career Relaunch as a top-tier show amongst the 4 million+ podcasts that exist.

“When you listen to a podcast regularly, you really get not only invested in the show, but also in the host.”
-Adam Sachs of podcast advertising network Midroll.

As of Feb 2021, Career Relaunch episodes are downloaded:

Which sponsors work well with Career Relaunch?

Relevant sponsors are individuals, companies, or institutions that provide programs, products, or services that enable positive change, personal growth, or professional development, which align well with the audience’s needs. Examples include:

  • Aspirational brands, products, or services that cater to professionals
  • Educational institutions
  • Services that facilitate learning
  • Products/services relevant to people embarking on a new career path
  • Organizations that support career change
  • Useful brands that offer helpful career tools

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What’s included in a sponsored episode?


  1. 15-30 second mid-roll between the guest interview and popular Mental Fuel® segment. Host Joseph Liu narrates your scripted copy. Examples.
  2. Featured spot/ad on each sponsored episode’s show notes page. Example.

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About Joseph Liu

Joseph Liu helps aspiring professionals relaunch their careers to do work that matters. As a keynote speaker, career & personal branding consultant, and host of the Career Relaunch podcast, his passion is helping people gain the clarity, confidence, and courage to pursue truly meaningful careers. Having gone through three major career changes himself, he now shares insights from building & relaunching global consumer brands to empower professionals and business owners to build & relaunch their personal brands.