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Hi, I’m Joseph, the host of the Career Relaunch podcast, and I LOVE hearing from listeners! Do you have a question or comment about something you heard on the show? A topic you would like covered? Or a career struggle you want to share?  Scroll down to record your message below using Speakpipe.* You can scroll all the way to the bottom of this page to leave a written comment.

Sometimes, Speakpipe doesn’t play nicely with all devices or browsers (especially Safari & iOS). So you can also email your voice memo to me at joseph [at] josephliu.co using your:

  • iOS device: record your voice message using the Voice Memo app and share it with me (instructions)
  • Android device: record & share your voice message with me using a free app like Easy Voice Recorder.

Rest assured, your message would be kept 100% confidential and NOT broadcast on the podcast without your permission. If you do say something quite profound, and I do have an interest in broadcasting your voice, I will only do so after gaining your explicit, written consent. Thanks!

*Requires Firefox or Chrome. Safari & IE must have Flash enabled (neither support HTML5 audio recording). Safari on iOS 11 works fine, but if you use an earlier OS, you must use the SpeakPipe app (sorry, I know that’s a hassle, but pre iOS 11 devices don’t support HTML5 audio recording, so there’s no other way).

After you’re done . . .

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