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CAREER RELAUNCH® is an inspirational podcast helping people navigate career transitions. Each episode features informative, insightful interviews with individuals like you who have stepped off the beaten path to pursue more meaningful work.

I created this podcast because many career changers told me they gain inspiration and confidence hearing stories of other people who have made brave career leaps. This podcast is specifically focused on that specific moment of time when you changed career paths, honing in on how you overcame challenges and what you learned along the way.

The podcast has unanimously received 5-star, positive reviews on iTunes.

My listeners

Career Relaunch listeners tend to be mid to senior level professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs who yearn to reach the next level in their careers and do meaningful work that matters. The podcast has featured international guests from 10+ countries and 5 continents with a global audience in 135+ countries and 140,000+ total downloads to-date. The largest listenership is in the US??, UK??, Canada??, Australia??, and Japan?? (in that order).

As of April 2019, Career Relaunch episodes are downloaded ~2,000 times per episode per month, more than 14 times the industry average of 141. That figure has steadily climbed since the show’s Sept’16 launch.

In Oct 2017, after being on air for just a year, Career Relaunch was featured as a top business podcast for entrepreneurs in Forbes, and later, the “best podcast for transitioning to a new career” iGlassdoorand a top podcast to “help you find a job” in Business Insider.

Why did I invite you?

I believe you’re someone who has a unique, interesting story to share. You’ve stepped off the beaten path to pursue work that really matters to you, and I’d love for listeners to have an opportunity to hear your story and learn from your experiences.

What’s required of you as a GUEST?

  • 45 mins of your time to answer some questions about your career journey
  • A quiet spot where you can call into a conference line for our recorded conversation
  • Filling out a 5 min form with personal details & sending a couple photos
  • Signing a consent form so I have your permission to air your voice

What’s in it FOR YOU?

First & foremost, you’ll have the opportunity to have a positive impact on the careers & lives of listeners.  While this show is not really the forum to blatantly advertise your service/products, I will definitely give you air time at the end to mention something important to you. Additionally:

  • You will have your own dedicated episode page (example).
  • Your episode will receive a full week of promotion on our FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInPinterest, and Google+ pages.
  • Your episode will be announced to our community of engaged newsletter followers.


I invited you is because I believe in the career journey you’re on, so I’m also open to discussing how we can use this episode to also support you.


What former guests say . . .

    Being a guest on Career Relaunch was such an honor! The quality and content of the episode make it something I’m truly proud to have been a part of. Joseph is a fantastic host. He knows how to make you feel right at home and simultaneously bring out the best in you. The episode Joseph created with me fostered a lot of conversations with new and old personal and professional acquaintances in my life, and I’m grateful for the experience.

    Christine Snow- episode 70 guestSoftware coder, Media, Pennsylvania

    Career Relaunch provided a platform to share my story and inspire others to build a lifestyle and career they love. Joseph was professional, and my episode's something I'm very proud to share. I encourage anyone with an interesting career story to be a guest.

    Byron Trzeciak, episode 7 guestDirector at PixelRush

    Being on Career Relaunch sparked a lot of great conversations with people I know, people I didn't know before, and prospective clients. My episode is something I'm proud of, and excited to share. I also appreciate how professional the editing was.

    Zai Divecha, episode 8 GuestMetal worker & designer / Elektra Steel

You’re interested. (Great!) What’s next?

All you have to do is provide your details for our interview or drop me an email to let me know, which helps me prepare for our conversation. I’ll also send you an online Consent form, which only takes a minute to complete.

Provide Details for Interview

Thank you so much!