For millennials who have been told over time that they can be anything and do everything that they want, there is always that added pressure of finding the future of their dreams, as though by reaching the “adult” age somehow suddenly life would just fall into place and you get to know what it is that you truly want in life. However, the reality is, adolescence ends at 24. The human brains simply does not catch up until then, so you might be a holder of some really great diplomas, but you still need time to simply live and learn what you should be doing with your life.

Finding your dream job is impossible. It simply does not exist. However, it seems that the pressure is on, and you should be working on the job that you love, that would make you feel that you are not working at all. But what is real is that even with jobs that you are passionate about, there will always be something that you don’t like about it. Whether it is the crampy cubicle you have, or that one annoying co-worker, there will always be something that you will not be able to agree with. But having those negative things do not really mean that you are not doing what you love best. It simply means that you adapt to the parts that you like less about the job, and finding contentment with what you have, since you know that you are doing what you love.

If you are still out looking for a job, here are a few tips on what you should look out for:

The workplace matters

Workplace mattersHaving a workplace that you love going to everyday, no matter how busy the working day might get, is a big stroke of luck. Research had shown that one in two workers turn down jobs where they don’t like the office space. Whether you like it for its accessibility, or even for the agile workspace it offers, how an office feels to you is important.  Remember that you will spend around 8,000 hours a year inside that place, so you need to see if it is comfortable enough for you to be able to produce a more productive work life. See if there are areas dedicated for collaboration and meetings, and if there are also places for social interaction and where you can have a space for more focused work. While it won’t be the same for each and every company, an agile workplace, no matter is if it is big or small, will have an impact on your overall contentment in your job.

Company values and reputation

Company ValuesThe company you might be a good fit for might not be a Fortune 500 company. It could be a start-up or a small business. Whatever it is, what the company stands for and believes in matters in your overall happiness. Company reputation can simply mean that it is well established and profitable, and it is free from any ethical and legal problems. You should also consider if the industry that the company is into is strong and growing, and not easily affected by sudden market shifts. A company whose values are aligned with yours is worth keeping. Your integrity matters more than any salary or benefit package. Also, working in a company that impacts lives and bring about good change to the community will definitely make you sleep better at night, no matter how challenging your work there may be.

Workplace satisfaction

Workplace SatisfactionWork is a challenge. That is a given. But challenging and hard work need to also be fulfilling. Satisfaction in your job comes from having a job that fits your background, training, and experience. When you know what you are doing, you know that your work matters in the bigger picture of the company. There should be room not only for vertical growth but also for horizontal growth in your career. A good workplace allows for your to grow in your career by having trainings that can make you more competent with you skills, and also allow for you to gain new ones. Usually, it is not only about going up the corporate ladder, there should also be opportunities for you to learn new roles and skills that can equip you for future career changes.

Work-life balance

Work Life BalanceA good work-life balance is essential. In the end, life is not only about your career, but more about the value you put in building yourself and the vital relationships around you. Companies who respect and value their employees know the importance of a balanced work and personal life. They offer benefits that include insurances, adequate time offs, personal days, maternity/paternity leaves, and ample vacation. Some even have flexible timings and work-at-home benefits. You can always ask about these when you have your interview,

Having a meaningful career is not about how big your salary, or what benefits you receive, or what position you attained. There might not a dream job out there, but there is always one that not only makes you a productive and valuable asset to a company, but also helps you become a more holistic person in totality.

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