We’ve all had moments at work: Deadlines seem too much. Co-workers seem to difficult. The way forward seems too fraught. It’s in these moments that seem like they’ll never pass that some of us begin to wonder if there isn’t a different way forward, and if feeling like this at work may be something that isn’t a part of our everyday life. What does that mean? It may mean a work change to a different job or a different field.

But taking a leap like that isn’t something you can do without thought or planning. It’s not enough to just find a story of someone who did it—who quit, who turned lemons into lemonade, who found amazing inspiration and success by doing that. Those stories are great, but they often skim over the difficulties that happened for that person, including the highs and lows. So what can you do? This article with infographics provides some concrete ideas.

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Kathryn_Casna-headshotThis intro, infographic, and link to the original article was posted with permission from content partner for original Discover article written by Kathryn Casna, a digital marketing and travel writer from San Diego, California. Customer-facing retail, hospitality, and event production make up her professional roots.

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