13Dec' 23

Rather than seeing quitting as a failure, instead explore how it can be the healthiest move for your career. Perseverance has its merits, but quitting may be the best decision in certain situations. Read about the times I chose to walk away in my career and understand what it takes to make tough choices that support your professional ambitions.

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21Nov' 23

When attempting a career pivot, you might find yourself disproportionately focusing your efforts on the practical aspects of changing careers like reworking your resume, networking with people in your target industry, or brushing up on your interview skills. All these efforts are important. Equally important is dealing with the emotional aspects of walking away from […]

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01Nov' 23

Bravery is typically defined as courage and fearlessness in facing difficulty or adversity. When applied to your career, bravery involves taking actions that deviate from those more characteristic of a traditional, linear career path. Actions you take despite the resulting discomfort because you know the potential payoffs dwarf those when you just play it safe. […]

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01Oct' 23

We all don’t like parts of our jobs at times. Your boss may get on your nerves. Your work commute may get tiring. Your projects may be stressful. Your workload can feel overwhelming. I don’t know a single person who likes expense reporting (including me). But how can you tell whether the dissatisfaction you’re feeling […]

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04Sep' 23

Distraction is inevitable at work. With notifications popping up on your computer or phone to simply feeling disengaged with your work, losing your focus can result from a wide range of factors. Perhaps you love multitasking. Or you pride yourself in your ability to plan. Or maybe, you just don’t feel like you’re in the […]

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