Although I spend a lot of my time coaching people on their careers these days, I still feel a big part of my identity is tied to the brand & marketing world.  I actually find that brands go through the same trials & tribulations people do when they’re trying to relaunch themselves.  I decided to share a couple ads that captivate & fuel inspiration, and hopefully, help you feel more inspired too.

This Girl Can #thisgirlcan– Sport England

Love it. Brave, incredibly refreshing, non-airbrushed approach to empowering all of us to get out there and exercise.

Let it Fly- Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic hits it out of the park again with another brilliant ad packed full of attitude, confidence, and inspiration. Love the mantra, “an idea is just an idea until you make it happen.” Maybe this ad resonated with me so much because I’m finding myself in a lot of similar situations these days, trying to face my fears, push doubt aside, and just go for it. “Life doesn’t come to you, so go to it.” Love it.

You can check out an archive of all the ads I love on my YouTube page.

What did you think of these ads? Love them? Hate them?  Would welcome your comments!

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