The wider you spread your reach when looking for a job, the more likely you are to find one. This is where social media sites can be of real benefit. Employers often look for future employees on such sites, and you can also make your connections aware that you are looking for a job.

The infographic below, by, will show you how to use social media strategically when searching for a job.

Adding links to your LinkedIn profile or Twitter account from your resume may be very revealing to a future employer. He or she will immediately realize that you are media savvy. Obviously, this can work the opposite way too, and if a future employer comes across negative content you’re written on social media, that’s probably the end of a possible job offer.

What social media offers is the opportunity to network with other people. This creates tremendous possibilities when it comes to finding a job. Perhaps one of the people on your LinkedIn network knows about a job that hasn’t been advertised yet and knows you would be perfect for it. One of your connections may work at a company where you’d love to work and can provide you with the contacts you need to pursue the opportunity.

LinkedIn is one of the best sites to use when looking for a job because it is used by numerous professionals. You have the opportunity to showcase your education, skills, and experience, and everyone can view these details. Just make sure your profile is constantly kept updated with your latest skills and experience.

With a presence on social media, you can develop great connections, be exposed to the best resources and showcase all your skills and talents. Even participation in an online discussion in one of your areas of expertise could draw the attention of a prospective employee.

You may not like the idea of connecting with people on multiple platforms. This is not necessary, and it’s the quality of your communication rather than the quantity that counts when looking for a job. Your social media connections will open many doors that traditional job searches won’t but looking for a job on social media needs to be done strategically to offer the most benefit.

Use a profile picture that looks as professional as possible for your profiles. If you already use Facebook and Twitter personally, think about setting up a separate professional profile to use for networking and your job search.

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